About Ali Herring

Assistant Literary Agent for Spencerhill Associates. Twin-mom + 1. 

I like to stay up late. I wish I could sleep in. And I drink coffee to support my bad habits. Yet there’s productivity in my sleep-depriving ways. I love my wonderful clients (Go #TeamSpencerhill!) and make it a point to work hard to see them succeed. I also can’t wait to discover who might join that list, and wonder if that somebody might be you. One thing I do know, authors come in all stages of development, and no matter where you are on your journey, I hope you might find me a sympathetic and helpful voice as you learn and develop your craft. You’ll find a Q&A on this site if you have questions, and I’m also active on Twitter (@HerringAli) offering #writetips and just in general being uber chatty.

TO QUERY me, please USE THIS ONLINE form: https://querymanager.com/query/1032. If you go on the Spencerhill Website, it will offer you an email option, but PLEASE DO NOT QUERY ME VIA THE SPENCERHILL EMAIL. In fact, if you’ve queried me there, go back and resubmit using the form. (No questions asked.) I also only answer queries sent to my personal email if I’ve requested them via a contest or you have a referral. Do not make me ERASE you a la Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve been known to occasionally forego the “form” query response and give feedback too, and while time doesn’t always permit this, I wish I could do it for everyone.

Writers. Keep writing.



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