I’m pleased to announce, I’ve joined Spencerhill Associates as Assistant Literary Agent.

I am thrilled to announce, I have joined Spencerhill Associates as Assistant Literary Agent where I will primarily represent commercial YA and MG (esp. sci-fi, fantasy and adventure), romance, southern women’s fiction, and Christian/inspirational fiction. I’m looking for a marketable hook, captivating voice, fantastical world building and inventive plots.

For MG, I’m looking for a humorous/witty voice, likable protags and awesome sidekicks; meaningful, realistic situations built around great plots (think Wonder); and uplifting, relatable, empowering stories for girls. I am a voracious reader of sci-fi, but not a huge fan of superheroes, vampires (except for Edward), witches, erotica or anything overtly dark.

As a former magazine associate editor and literary intern, I have a diverse background in communications and editing, but I have also dabbled in writing myself (completing my own YA sci-fi novel), and understand the passion and path writers take as they craft their stories. I hope this makes me a compassionate partner for those writers who will partner with me. I am also a 2001 graduate of Berry College in Rome, Ga, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and graduated valedictorian of my class.

I am pleased to bring my experience as a reader, writer and editor to the table as I build my list and, hopefully, develop great relationships within the writing community.

Happily, I am open to queries. Please submit your query (addressed to me), first three chapters and synopsis, via our form at http://www.spencerhillassociates.com/submissions. If I can be uber picky for one moment, it would make me oh so happy to see your TITLE, genre, age group, word count and why you queried me at the top of your query. I also would like to see comparables somewhere in there too!

I’m also on Twitter: @HerringAli.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I am a “Mrs. Herring.” If you happen to address it to “Mr. Herring,” then I will make my husband read it, and I can’t promise you anything then …

(Eh, don’t worry. I’m only kidding.)




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