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Compilation: #SFFPit Tweets for HalfWorlder

What a fun day! I walked away with four likes from #SFFPit, screaming a little inside (okay, outside too) every time my phone dinged!

I’ve compiled a list of my 10 tweets from the 12/10/15 contest in one spot! I hope together they create a picture of what my #SFF #YA novel HalfWorlder is all about! Most important, my MS turns the “chosen one” trope on its head, making for a surprising ending.

If you’re an agent interested in my query and pages, OF COURSE, I’ll be more than happy to send it your way!  I’m @HerringAli on Twitter! Like away if you are so inclined.

  1. A miscast destiny leaves a boy on an epic quest he can’t finish. But modern-day JOAN OF ARC will complete it w/her sacrifice #SFFpit #YA #SF
  2. Try saving the world when your only ride’s a mouthy spaceship & the girl of your dreams is sabotaging true love #SFFpit #SF #YA INDYJONES #R
  3. Borrow spaceship. Follow clues through Egyptian ruins. Save Earth. Life was easier when Gil thought he was human. #SFFpit #SF #YA IndyJones
  4. A boy n love. A girl resists her heart. An ancient artifact wakes. A countdown 2 doom. A choice that will leave 1gone. #SFFpit #SF #YA
  5. Epic INDIANA JONES-style quest w/a #R meets STARGATE-esque ½-aliens w/HEROES style superpowers. Written4 PERCY JACKSON grads #SFFpit #SF #YA

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  1. In a world where Egyptian gods were powerful aliens, a 17yo alien hybrid tries 2save Earth 3,000 years after they fate him2. #SFFpit #YA #SF

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  1. Modern-day JOAN OF ARC saves Earth when the boy can’t. Epic INDYJONES quest w/ ½-alien teens. Written 4 PERCY JACKSON grads. #SFFpit #SF #YA

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  1. Picture a kick-butt Georgia Jagger w/no makeup & mommy issues & comic-loving Jake Short w/super powers on quest 2save Earth. #SFFpit #YA #SF
  2. A journey through Egypt. Clues left by Ra. Earth faces destruction. Life was easier when Gil thought he was human. #SFFpit #SF #YA INDYJONES

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  1. When an ancient biotech powers up after millennia, a 1/2-human hybrid must find its key before it destroys Earth. #SFFpit #SF #YA INDY JONES

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